Allen Bradley | 2094-BL02 | Kinetix Line Interface Module  In-stock

Condition: 2094-BL02
New in box,  sealed

Delievery: 2094-BL02
3-5 days after payment ship out

Warranty: one year warranty

Xiamen XierMo Electric Co, Ltd

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Tel:86-592-5579206 15859255758


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Also have below Allen Bradley Rockwell part in stock:

2090-SR040-092090SR04009Shunt Resistor2090-SR040-182090SR04018Shunt Resistor2090-SR120-092090SR12009Shunt Resistor2090-UCSR-A3002090UCSRA300Active Shunt Regulator2090-UCSR-P9002090UCSRP900Shunt Resistor2094-BSP22094BSP2Shunt Resistor2090-UXLF-1062090UXLF106AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,6 A,1 PHASE2090-UXLF-1102090UXLF110AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,10 A,1 PHASE2090-UXLF-1232090UXLF123AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,23 A,1 PHASE2090-UXLF-1322090UXLF132AC LINE FILTER, ULTRA, 32 A, 1 PHASE2090-UXLF-1362090UXLF136AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,36 A,1 PHASE2090-UXLF-1502090UXLF150AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,50 A,1 PHASE2090-UXLF-3362090UXLF336AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,36 A,3 PHASE2090-UXLF-3502090UXLF350AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,50 A,3 PHASE2090-UXLF-3702090UXLF370AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,70 A,3 PHASE2090-UXLF-HV3232090UXLFHV323AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,23 A, 460V, 3 PHASE2090-UXLF-HV3302090UXLFHV330AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,30 A, 460V, 3 PHASE2090-UXLF-HV3502090UXLFHV350AC LINE FILTER,ULTRA,50 A, 460V, 3 PHASE2090-XXLF-31002090XXLF3100AC LINE FIL,UNVRSL,100 A,500VAC,3 PHAS2090-XXLF-3502090XXLF350AC LINE FILTER,UNVRSL,50 A,500VAC,3 PH2090-XXLF-3752090XXLF375AC LINE FILTER,UNVRSL,75 A,500VAC,3 PH2090-XXLF-375B2090XXLF375BAC LINE FIL HIGH ATTEN,UNV,75A,500V,3PH2090-XXLF-TC1162090XXLFTC116Kinetix 2000 AC line filter2090-XXLF-TC31002090XXLFTC3100SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,100A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-TC31502090XXLFTC3150SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,150A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-TC3162090XXLFTC316Kinetix 2000 AC line filter2090-XXLF-TC32002090XXLFTC3200SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,200A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-TC32502090XXLFTC3250SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,250A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-TC3502090XXLFTC350SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,50A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-TC3652090XXLFTC365SGL STAGE AC LINE FILTER,65A,520VAC,3PH2090-XXLF-X330B2090XXLFX330BAC LINE FILTER,ROXBURGH MIF3302094-AL092094AL09Kinetix Line Interface Module2094-AL15S2094AL15SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-AL25S2094AL25SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-AL50S2094AL50SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-AL75S2094AL75SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-BL022094BL02Kinetix Line Interface Module2094-BL10S2094BL10SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-BL25S2094BL25SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-BL50S2094BL50SKinetix Line Interface Module2094-BL75S2094BL75SKinetix Line Interface Module2004-RD10BR1AS32004RD10BR1AS3Non-Brake, 17bit Serial Inc., 1KW2004-RK20BM1AS32004RK20BM1AS3Non-Brake, 10000 pulse Inc.,2.0KW2004-RK30BM1AS32004RK30BM1AS3Non-Brake, 10000 pulse Inc.,3.0KW

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