Allen Bradley | MPL-B540P-MK74AA | servo motor In-stock

Condition: MPL-B540P-MK74AA
New in box,  sealed

Delievery: MPL-B540P-MK74AA
3-5 days after payment ship out

Warranty: one year warranty

Xiamen XierMo Electric Co, Ltd

Add: Room 101 ,XiangWuSiLi No.10,XiangAn District ,XiaMen ,Fujian,China 361102

Tel:86-592-5579206 15859255758


       gao_xiermo at 126 dot com

        2476237907 at qq dot com

SKYPE : snowy_gao


Also have below Allen Bradley Rockwell part in stock:

1764-RPLTB1 1764RPLTB1
1764-RPLTB2 1764RPLTB2
1764-RTC 1764RTC
1766-L32AWA 1766L32AWA
1766-L32AWAA 1766L32AWAA
1766-L32BWA 1766L32BWA
1766-L32BWAA 1766L32BWAA
1766-L32BXB 1766L32BXB
1766-L32BXBA 1766L32BXBA
1766-MM1 1766MM1
2001-NX7-20DDR4A 2001NX720DDR4A
2001-NX7-20DDR4G 2001NX720DDR4G
2001-NX7S-10ADR 2001NX7S10ADR
1758-FLO301 1758FLO301
1758-FLO302 1758FLO302
1758-RTU201 1758RTU201
1758-RTU202 1758RTU202
1762-START1200E 1762START1200E
1764-START1500RE 1764START1500RE
1771-INGA50 1771INGA50
1771-NA 1771NA
1771-NA01 1771NA01
1771-NAK 1771NAK
1771-NAK1 1771NAK1
1771-NAK3 1771NAK3
1771-NAK7 1771NAK7
1771-NAX 1771NAX
1771-TICS 1771TICS
1799-MAC01 1799MAC01
1799-MAC03 1799MAC03
1799D-0B4DAB 1799D0B4DAB
1799D-0VT16EAB 1799D0VT16EAB
1799D-12BT4PEAB 1799D12BT4PEAB
1799D-12BVT4DAB 1799D12BVT4DAB
1799D-16BVT0CDAB 1799D16BVT0CDAB
1799D-16BVT0DAB 1799D16BVT0DAB
1799D-2BV0DAB 1799D2BV0DAB
1799D-2BVA2DAB 1799D2BVA2DAB

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