ABS RFID Wristband Tag with Mifare S50

This is an ideal personal wrist band tag for applications such as access control, visitor admissions and cruise, sauna or leisure centre payments. This version of the wristband features a EM4100,T5577. Highfrequency chips are also available. Features • Frequency:13.56MHz • Reading range:2cm-10cm • Chip: Mifare S50 (alternatively with Mifare Ultralight,I.code Sli chip ) • Material: Epoxy • Meets water immersion standard IP68 • Operates in temperatures of -25oC to 85oC • Dimensions: 12*200(can be customized) • Weight:35g The wristband is available in various colours, can be overprinted with a service or venue logo, for example and can be optionally laser engraved with the tag identity number. Please contact us for a quotation on these services.


至: Guangzhou D-Think Technologies Inc.
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