IEOE beijing international oil expo

The 4th IEOE China (Beijing) International Edible Oil Industry Expo Date: Nov. 20--22, 2013 Venue: Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center The 4th IEOE Organizing Unit: Oil & Fat Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Chinese Nutrition Society China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association Support Unit: COFCO Food Sales & Distribution Co., Ltd. Sinograin Oils Co., Ltd. Yihai Kerry Group Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Xiwang Food Co., Ltd. Shandong Three-Star Corn Development Co., Ltd. Anhui Datuanjie Edible Oil Co., Ltd. Shandong Longda Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Old Root Oil Camellia Development Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhongqi Huaye Foods Co.,Ltd. Xi`An Kunbo Engineering Technology Development Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Siwei Grain & Oil Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Huatai Grain & Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.


至: Yong Hong International Expo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
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IEOE beijing international oil expo
IEOE beijing international oil expo
IEOE shanghai international edible oil expo
IEOE shanghai international edible oil expo

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