Name:D-Galactose CAS:59-23-4 molecular formula:C6H12O6 molecular weight:180.16 Categories: Basic Sugars (Mono & Oligosaccharides);Biochemistry;Galactose;Sugars;Dextrins、Sugar & Carbohydrates;CarbohydratesSerum-free Media;Companion Products and ReagentsCell Culture;Insect Platform;Miscellaneous Reagents and Supplements;Reagents and Supplements;Carbohydrate LibraryResearch Essentials;CarbohydrateMetabolomics;Metabolic Libraries;Metabolic Pathways;Metabolites and Cofactors on the Metabolic Pathways Chart;CarbohydratesCarbohydrates;Core Bioreagents;Monosaccharide;Research Essentials;MonosaccharidesPharmacopoeia (USP);Carbohydrate Synthesis;Carbohydrates;Carbohydrates A to;Carbohydrates GBiochemicals and Reagents;MonosaccharideSpecialty Synthesis;Pharmacopoeia A-Z;Biochemicals and Reagents;BioUltraBiochemicals and Reagents;GBase Ingredients;Alphabetic;Analytical Standards;Carbohydrate Sources (Sugars/Extracts);Sugars for Media;Monosaccharides;Carbohydrates & Derivatives;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals Quality standard: BP98 Package: 25kg/bag Stability:Stable Chemical Properties:White powder Usage: A C-4 epimer of Glucose (G595000) found in milk and sugar beets as well as being synthesized by the body. Potential use in oral therapy for nephrotic syndrome in focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis.


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