cystal oil perfume bottles in guangzhou

We are professional manufactory of glass perfume bottles, crystal perfume bottles, metal perfume bottles, alloy perfume bottles, Indian style perfume bottles ,mid-east perfume bottles, perfume atomizers and sprayers, roll on bottles, perfume vials, lotion bottles. If you are looking for a great selection of glass perfume bottles, atomizers, and packaging accessories at great quantity, then you must have found the right ones in our showroom. You could take a few minutes to browse our selection of glass perfume bottles. 1. Your design ,your brand ,your ideas will be made within our cooperation ! (OEM perfume bottles) 2. Our high quality and competitive price of famous brand perfume bottles will make well profit for you! (branded perfume bottles) 3. We believe good business relationship always relate to great service!! ( best service) 4. Good suggestions and advises will be appreciated, your ideas must be useful for our future business. (ODM perfume bottles) 5. The MOQ is 10000 pieces each item for perfumes bottles.(Minimum Order) We have 3 factories in china with highly production capacity. 1.Kingcle Perfume & Fragrance Factory (Guangzhou) 2.Kingcle Glass Products Company Ltd. (Suqian City, Anhui Province) 3.Kingcle Cap Manufacturing Factory (Guangzhou) 4.Kingcle Crystal Craft Factory (Guangzhou) We have advanced equipment, strong technology and our own R&D department, Our marketing office and designers are in Guangzhou City. We are experienced in the perfume and perfume bottle field beacuse we have been doing this business for 15 years. Our products are popular not only in CHINA but in other 20 countries. Welcome to visit our website and if possible come and look our factory around.


至: Guangzhou Kingcle glassware Packing Co., Ltd.
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100ml high quality perfume glass bottles
100ml high quality perfume glass bottles 100ml high quality perfume glass bottles PERFUME BOTTLES: 1.Neck size of perfume bottles: 13mm,15mm,18 mm,20mm crimping; 2.Perfume bott...
good look high quality oem perfume bottles
good look high quality oem perfume bottles
хороший сплав парфюмерных флаконов в Китае
хороший сплав парфюмерных флаконов в Китае
crystal style cheap price
crystal style cheap price
cystal oil perfume bottles in guangzhou

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