tylosin tartrate

Chinese Name: tylosin tartrate English Name: Tylosin Tartrate Chinese Name: tylosin tartrate Alias: tylosin solution; tylosin hydrogen tartrate CAS number: 74610-55-2 1, on the effects of mycoplasma, used as the drug of choice against Mycoplasma disease By 2, per 1mg of not less than 980 of tylosin unit 3, this product belongs to macrolide antibiotics for animal, the main mechanisms through the synthesis of block bacterial protein and play a sterilization effect in vivo, the product is easy to be absorbed, rapid excretion in organization, no residue, has special effect on Gram-positive bacteria, mycoplasma. In particular, has a very high activity of pig pleuropneumonia Actinobacillus, chronic respiratory disease, animal drug of choice for treatment of mycoplasma.


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