Sulfachlorpyridazine sodium

Sulfachlorpyridazine sodium Sulfachloropyrazine sodium chemical name: N- ( 5- chloro - pyrazine ) -4- aminobenzene sulfonamide salt - water compound CAS No.:102-65-8 [ character ] this product is white or light yellow powder, soluble in water. [ pharmacological ] pyrazine sulfonamide sodium chloride as sulfa coccidiostat, more short-term coccidia outbreak. Period of activity peak sulfonamide cyanide pyrazine anticoccidial is the second generation schizonts of Eimeria, also have certain effect to the first generation schizonts. But has no effect on the sexual cycle. Anticoccidial effect mechanism of this product with the sulfaquinoxaline. This product with sulfamethoxazole similar characteristics, is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract after oral administration, 3 ~ 4H peak plasma concentration, and the rapid excretion in the urine


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