Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate

Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate CAS:5466-77-3 Specification:98% Packaging:25kg Barrel Molecular formula: C18H26O3 Molecular Weight: 290.4 .Quality Standard: Enterprise standard Packing: 25kg Properties: colorless to light yellow viscous liquid. Does not dissolve in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, should be stored in a cool place closed, boiling point 198-200 ° C, density 1.009, refractive index 1.543-1.547, flash point 193 ° C, content: ≥ 98%; naturally: not reported. Uses: 1, This product is a good UV-absorbent UVB region, can effectively prevent 280-330mm UV, and the absorption rate of skin stimulation, safety, and is almost an ideal sunscreen. for the preparation of sunscreen (cream, milk, liquid), and other skin care cosmetics, can effectively absorb the sun in the ultraviolet, to prevent the skin drying red, sunburn, drying ink, but also light-sensitive dermatitis treatments. 2, in the industry as a plastic, ink anti-aging agents and UV absorbers. 3, oil-soluble UV-B absorbing liquid can be mixed with various types of sunscreen.welcome contact:ycgl01(at)yccreate.com


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