Ethyl cinnamate

Ethyl cinnamate Product name: Ethyl cinnamate CAS RN 103-36-6 Package specification: 200KG / barrel Specifications Model: 99% EINECS No. 203-104-6 Molecular Formula C11H12O2 MW 176.21 Signs of dangerous goods Risk Terminology Security terms S24/25 Product Description: β-phenyl ethyl acrylate, 3 - styrene-acrylic acid ethyl ester. Almost colorless, oily liquid. Natural same objects, found in guava, strawberry, white and red wine, brandy, rum, vanilla, Overlord tree. Aroma: sweet amber paste incense, sweet orange and grape-like end-rhyme, with elegant fragrant balsam and honey - and other floral aroma. Flavor: strong, sweet fruit, plum, cherry-like aroma. Sweet fruit flavor, Balsam incense, berries, mixed sweet drinks, green with pink Xiang Xiang Xiang Xiang Yun Symplectic pod orchid fragrance. Can be redeployed daily flavor, food flavorings. For almonds, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, berries, mixed sweet drinks, balm flavor, spicy type, such as grape and cherry flavor deployment. Usage: used as a food spice , is an important intermediate for flavors and fragrances, also used as medicine, food additives Intermediateswelcome contact:ycgl01(at)


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