zone-refined germanium ingot

Our company can supply Zone-refined Germanium Ingots(Ge) Product: Zone-refined germanium ingots Standard:GB/T11071-2006 Electrical Properties: Grade ResistivityΩ•cm (20+/-0.5℃) Mono-crystal Test figures(77K) Current carrier cm-3 Current transfer cm2/(v•s) ZGe—1 ≥50 ≤1.5×1012 ≥3.7×104 ZGe—2 ≥50 — —1.Main Application:Used to produce various types of germanium mono-crystalline materials.2.Packaging:Melt germanium ingots cross-section is shaped as a trapezium,top width≥26mm,bottom width≥21mm,thickness≥23mmand length is between 100—500mm.Every ingot is vacuum sealed in a PVC layer bag,placed in a polystyrene box and then packaged in a wooden crate which is bound by steel cables.The net weight of each box is about 25kg.3.Physical and chemical properties: Metallic Germanium is hard and brittle and has a silvery ash luster,atomic weight is 72.59,and density is 5.325g/cm3,melting point at 937.4℃ and boiling point at 2800℃.4.Transportation,storage and application When delivering and storing melted Germanium ingots,it is important to protect the ingots from machining damage,humid and corrosive environments.


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