indium sulfide

Our company can produce Indium trisulfide in good quality. There are two variations of Indium trisulfide: α and β. CAS No.:12030-24-9 EINECS No.:234-742-3 Alisa:indiumsesquisulfide;indium sulfide(2:3);indium(3+)sulfide Appearance: bright yellow powder Density:4.613~4.9g/cm3 Melting point:1050 ~ 1095 ℃ Characteristics: a.stable at room temperature; b.good hygroscopicity; c.don't dissolve in water or acid; D.volatile. Application: Due to Indium trisulfide has above characteristics, In2S3,a kind of excellent catalyst, easy to react with other metallic sulfides to form compounds, such as silver indium disulphide, copper indium disulphide, which are important semiconductor materials.


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