spray dried onion powder

Onion powder is dehydrated from the onion through spray dried technology, free flowing.It has kept the most typical taste and nutrition of onion when used in other products,and convenient for using.


Onion → Peeling off → Cleaning → Grinding twice → Mixing → Emulsification → Spray dried → Packaging


Onion, Malt-dextrin

Properties & Advantages:

The product is chosen from onion which is of abundant nutrition. Yutai, Shandong Province, is famous for manufacturing onions.The onion powder is processed and manufactured by the advanced spray dried technology, basing on the delicate choice.It is light yellowish, solube, nutritional, low-fat, low-salt, not including any additives or cane sugar.It is a kind of pure natural green food, possessing high value in eating and medicine.


Sensory Characteristics Appearance Well-proportioned light yellowish white powder.
Sieve Analysis(100 mesh) ≧80
Savor With typical savor of onion.
Physical and chemical Characteristics Moisture(%) ≦6.0
Ash(%) ≦10
Microorganism Characteristics Total plate count(cfu/g) ≦5000
Coliform(MPN/100g) ≦30
Salmonella(/g) N.D.



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