Hand Embroidered Badges, Crests, Insignia, Patch, Logo


1-Gold / Silver Bullion Blazer Crest 
2-Materials are Eco-Friendly 
3-Reasonable Price 
4-100% Inspection Before Packing

Hand Embroidered Bullion Blazer Badges


1) Bullion Blazer Badges are widely used as fashion accessories applied to apperal, garments, clothes, homespun fabric, room

     ornments and curtains.

2) Also available in Uniform Badges, Aviation Badges, Flag Badges, Millitary Badges, Unit Badges, Sew on Badges, Iron on

    Patches, Sleeve Patches, Policy patches, Girl and Boy scout Patches, Logo Patches, Club Patches, School Patches, Custome

    made patches.

3) Size and color are all changeable, we also welcome you to send us your designs for our qoute details.

4) Any sized orders are welcome.


Established in the year 1997, EBC Group is providing high quality and standard services to the nations throughout the global villagecontinuously. 

Having active team with skillful workers to meet demands of most modern and traditional uniforms and accessories for armed forces, clubs, institutions and organizations over the world. 

Our main products include: 

Badges, family crests (coat of arms) , embroidered pillows, pennants and insignias, banners and ribbons, belts, sashes, woven labels, buttons, braids, cords, buckles, epaulettes, caps, hats, hackles, swords, hunting knives, leather products, sports products, musical instruments, flags, embroidery & crafts textile, gloves, tactical and paintball products. 


至: EBC Group (Export Belt Corporation)
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Hand Embroidered Badges, Crests, Insignia, Patch, Logo
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