Fresh Qinguan Apple

Product name: Fresh Qinguan Apple


1) fresh, crisp, juicy

2) nutritious, high quality, good for health

3) High sugar content and fragrant

4) Smooth and shining skin with fresh color 

Supply period: From October to the end of April of next year

Harvest time: In October

Supply capacity: 400 tons/month


1) 18KG/Ctn: 80, 88, 100, 113, 125, 138, 150pcs

2) 20KG/Ctn: 80, 88, 100, 113, 125, 138, 150pcs

3) the other size is according to the customers' requirements 

Class Type:

1) 1st class: coloration 80% and up, no fleck, no burning, no puncture or cut

2) 2nd class: coloration 70% and up

3) 3rd class: coloration 60% and up


1) Inner packing: tray netting sheath and plastic bag

2) Outer packing: 18KG/Ctn, 20KG/Ctn

3) Do the packing as customer's requirement


1) 18KG/Ctn 1264 Ctns/FCL (40 FT RH)  

2) 20KG/Ctn 1106 Ctns/FCL (40 FT RH)

Temperature: -1~0oC, transporting and storing in cold store temperature

MOQ: 40' FCL

Shipment port: Qingdao Port or Yantai Port

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks after order

Payment term: T/T, D/P, L/C

Our Advantage:

1) Quality control:we are strict with the quality, all 2013 new fresh apple under strict quality control traceable system

2) Experience and Service: We are producer & Supplier of fresh apple for more than 10 years. A professional export team will give you the best service

3) Price: Price will be the factory price, with more competitive and attractive


Sales director:Mr Frank 




Skype: yantaiapples





至: Yantai Panda Apples Co., Ltd
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