Ideco Mud Pump Modules

Heat-treated and internally hardened for high durability; available in various materials to meet a wide range of applications; standard one-and/or-two-piece configuration, with designs available for pressure of 5000 psi(35.1Mpa), 7500 psi(52.7Mpa), and 10000 psi(70.3Mpa);discharge connections available on each side; suction connections on each side or front center. Material is 35CrMoA or 40CrMoMn alloy forged steel. To get better fiber texture, we use electric stove for second forging, it is forged from three directions and the forging ratio is no less than 4.0:1.0. It can not have crack, impurity, looseness, overburns, etc. And weld not allowed. It should be confirming to the stipulation of JB/TQ 252-81, and should be checked by grade3. After quenching the tough module will be rough processed, then the hull hardness is HB285-330Mechanical property: σb ≥850MPa, σs≥670MPa, δ≥5%,ψ≥30%.The two1:6(1:12) taper hole rolling treatments are checked by ring gage. Its contact area has continuous distribution on the circumference. The contact area is not less than 75% .The line of intersection of all cylindrical surface of the hull are facetted obtuse angle by hand or grinding wheel ,forming a circumference R≥8.Test pressure is 49Mpa, keep pressure 1 hour, pressure can not be reduced. Finished products have crack detection report.Our high strength forged triplex fluid end modules, are made from 4130 or 4135 metal and heat treated to hardness for long wear. The clean exterior finish reflects the superior inside quality. We furnish all associated items with the modules: valve and cylinder head plugs, valve cylinder head threaded rings, valve cylinder head locks, studs and nuts.


OEM Style Modules Mission L Modules

Brewster B-1000-T/B-1100-T Mission L Brewster B-1300-T/B-1600-T

Brewster B-1300-T/B-1600-T Mission L Emsco F-800, F-1000

Ellis Williams 9-W-1000 Mission L Emsco FB-1300/FB-1600

Emsco F-350/F-500/F-650 Mission L Gardner Denver PZ-7

Emsco F-800/F-1000 Mission L Gardner Denver PZ-8

Emsco FB-1300/FB-1600 Mission L Gardner Denver PZ-9

Emsco FC-1600 Mission L Gardner Denver PZ-10/PZ-11

Emsco FC-2200 Mission L Ideco T-1300/T-1600

Gardner Denver PAH Mission L National 9-P-100

Gardner Denver TEE Mission L National 10-P-130

Gardner Denver PX-11(2000 HP) 7500 psi Mission L National 12-P-160

Gardner Denver PZ-7/PZ-8/PZ-9 Mission L National 12-P-160 "New Style"

Gardner Denver PZ-7/PZ-8/PZ-9 w/ Wear Plate Mission L Oilwell A-850-PT/A-1100-PT

Gardner Denver PZ-10/PZ-11 Mission L Oilwell A-1400-PT/A-1700-PT

Gardner Denver PZ-10/PZ-11 w/ Wear Plate Mission L Wirth TPK-1300/TPK-1600

Ideco T-500

Ideco T-800/T-1000

Ideco T-1300/T-1600 Mission "L" 7500 PSI Asemblies

National 7-P-50 Mission L National 12-P-160 (7500 PSI Working Pressure)

National 8-P-80 Tapr-Lok Mission L National 14-P-220 (7500 PSI Working Pressure)

National 8-P-80 Fast Change Mission L Oilwell A/HD-1700-PT 7500 PSI Working Pressure

National 9-P-100 Tapr-Lok

National 9-P-100 Fast Change

National 10-P-130 Tapr-Lok

National 10-P-130 Fast Change

National 12-P-160 Tapr-Lok

National 12-P-160 Fast Change

National 12-P-160 7500 PSI

National 14-P-220

Oilwell A-850/1100/1400/1700-PT

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