Commercial Dehumidifier

Industrial Humidifier


Technical Parameters


Humidifying Capacity:            15kg/h


Scope of Application:            900m3

Supply voltage:                  220V~50Hz 

Rated Input Power:              500W


Rated Current:                      2.3A


Operating Temperature:          1°C~40°C 

Overall dimensions:          500×1240×1850mm

Net weight:                  95kg


Industrial Humidifier Advantage


Powerful humidification, no white smog. Import plant wet membrane to purify the air; auto control by digital computer; LCD backlight display, set the humidity from 1% to 99% freely; 2 levels of wind speed, so humidification is wide and even; independent control by Panasonic electromagnetic valve is safe and reliable; double float testing of water tank is accurate and stable; electronic testing, protection against water leakage; human-centered design, voice warning of failure; accumulative working hours, automatic water exchange under manual mode; stainless steel water tank is mildew-proof, anti-microbial and durable; ventilation mode to circulate indoor air.


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