ZKS-OSCAR-TUB Biometric Time Recorder System

Brief Introduction

  1. This is our latest professional fingerprint access control system.
  2. Different communication protocol to exchange data between PC and terminal, including RS485, TCP/IP and USB.
  3. Upload and download data by U-Disk flash when work offline.
  4. Easy to install, with multifunctional, elegant design and reasonable price.
  5. Various widely-used access control function, such as multiple choices of times and groups, wireless door open method, lock doors automatically when the terminal is switched off.


  1. Accept new version of North Korean algorithms with the identification speed within 0.7 seconds.
  2. QFP100_0MM5 ARM9 CPU, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips, it is easy to integrate with various systems.
  3. Supports 50time zones, 30 groups and 5unlock combinations.
  4. FRR: <0.001%; FAR: <0.0001%; ERR: <0.0001%
  5. Admin Log Capacity (Max): 1000.
  6. Display: 1.77inches, TFT color LCD.

Technical Parameters

  1. Hardware Platform: Smart YY Double Core (Low Power Consumption)
  2. CPU: ARM9
  3. Algorithm: High-speed ZKSWQ5268 Finger VX8.0
  4. Identification Rate: 4000–5000 fingerprints per second
  5. Response Time: <0.7s
  6. Fingerprint Capacity: 3000
  7. Transaction Records: 80000
  8. Verification Method: FP, PWD, Card, FP+ Card, FP + PWD
  9. Verify Mode: 1:1, 1:N(N≤3000)
  10. Sensor: Optical Sensor with high sensibility
  11. Keypad: 16(include keypad of IN, OUT, and Door Bell)
  12. Communication: TCP/IP, RS485, USB
  13. Language: Chinese, English, other language for your customization.  
  14. Anti-dismantle Alarm: Support
  15. Duress Alarm: Support
  16. Door Sensor Checking: Support
  17. Fire Alarm Input: Support
  18. NO/NC: Support
  19. External Bell: Support
  20. Auto On/Off: Auto restart if abnormal power-off, or press off-button to restart manually
  21. Warranty: 1 year Quality Assurance, 3 years Repair Guarantee
  22. Power Supply:DC12V, 2A(AC110V-220V±15% 50-60Hz)
  23. Temperature and Humidity: 0-45degree, 20%-80%
  24. Application: Office, School, Factory, Hotel, Bank, etc


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