manual brick making machine

Multi-purpose cement brick machine main features

1, hydraulic vibration increases, pressure on vibrating, twin afterburner. ----Reaches high density compression, brick Interior does not show cellular. 
2, dedicated material feeder----different building blocks bricks of different feedstocks, maintain the strength of brick appearance, density, unity, reunification, and can improve work efficiency. 
3,adjustable control cabinet with automatic and manual two panels together to form a Cabinet----automatic electric plates in cases of sudden reappearance in the production failure, immediately knob to manually panels, production can still be aimed up not down to ensure normalization of production in order to improve efficiency.
4, control cabinet loaded with the inverter----reach vibrating box in an instant acceleration, explosive strength, in order to increase the density of block brick. 
5, easy to mould replacement fast and accurate positioning, without proof, saving time and effort. 
6,Equipped with electronic grading for silo, hydraulic automatic drop trigger, customers are able to achieve fully-automated production.

Factory's proposing products :vacuum brick machine,cement brick making machine,portable brick making machine,manual clay brick making machine,fire brick making machine.


至: Auxiliary equipment for brick making machine , what kind of features ?
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