Oil Drilling CMC


1.Detergent grade CMC 

2.Samples available 

3.Excellent solubility 

4.Better water adaptation 

5.Beneficial to environment

Main Property:

pH (1% in Water Solution): 6.0 - 12.0

2% Viscosity (Brookfield LVDVE, 25°C, Spindle 1, 60 rpm),cps: 100-300

Degree of Substitution: 0.5-0.7

Purity (on Dry-basis), %: 60.0 min.

Moisture Content, %: 10 .0 max.

Particle Size. %: 99.0 min. pass through 80 mesh (180 micron)


Detergent grade CMC, when used in liquid & paste detergent, acts as stabilizing and thickening agent; when used in detergent powder, CMC can effectively prevent washes from becoming contaminated after being washed by synthetic detergent due to the action of static between fomite granule and CMC molecule both of which have minus charges.

Product Name: CMC for Food Grade

Exterior: White or yellowish powder

Packing: 25kg net composite paper-plastic bags or 3-ply kraft paper bags with PE liner

Storage: Kept in a light-proof, dry and cool place




至: Hangzhou Hongbo New Materials Co.,Ltd
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Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC
Oil Drilling CMC

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