Foshan Semikron Electronic Co. joins Hosfair 2014

News from HOSAP:

The 12th Guangzhou HOSFAIR, an annual pageant in hospitality supplies industry, will be grandly held on June, 26-28, 2014 in the China import and export exhibition centre area A. The areas include kitchen and catering, tableware, hotel furniture, interior supplies, hotel textile, intelligence, clean and laundry and wine, coffee and food. More than 2000 exhibitors with 200000 items will be placed on show. It is a one-step stage for purchasing and negotiating.

Know from the Commission a few days ago that plenty of famous enterprises in the industry sign up to attend The 12th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies & Equipment Fair one after another. Semikron Electronic technology Co.,Ltd had also signed up to take part in the fair, with a display area of 90 sq. m. And its booth number is 05-206*353-355, Hall1.1, Area A in China Import & Export Fair Complex. Semikron warmly welcomes massive old and new customers to visit and negotiating business of cooperation on the occasion.

Foshan Semikron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is originally Mingfangyu Electronic Co., Ltd in Zone of Shunde, Foshan. After its reorganization of shares, Mingfangyu united Germany Semikron Group and registered as Semikron’s branch—Semikron Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (Foshan Branch). Germany Semikron Group owns 53 plants all over the world, which is the top manufacturer in the industry of IHIGBT module. As the first inventor of the solar energy induction cooker, and IHIGBT technology, Semikron is a joint venture which is devoted to development, manufacture and sale of solar energy, wind energy source, induction technology and products. It also establishes solid partnerships with big manufacturers around the world. TAnd it succeeds to the tenet of innovative service from its head office, and devotes itself to the development of advanced induction technology in the world.

Semikron sells all kinds of induction cookers suit to different needs from uses of family, enterprise, train, and plane. It establishes a new joint venture in China by uniting Germany Semikron Group, and sells international brands, such as Semikron commercial induction cooker, mechanism and heating circle of big-power induction cooker, large heating equipment for industrial use, pot-shape of micro crystal board. All products adopt shield design for double radiation-proof, which minimizes electromagnetic wave outside the cooker to prevent people from the harms of radiation.


Contact: Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

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