Venlo Glass Greenhouse


■ Full Data

brief introduction
The greenhouse main body: it adopts hot-dip galvanized steel frame and herringbone ridge.

The covering material: 
The top adopts the domestic 4 mm or 5 mm thickness of float glass, featured by high light transmission, good sealing, good lighting, high strength, flame retardance and good durability etc.

supporting equipment
According to the function of greenhouse and the requirement of customer, it can be equipped with the cooling system, warming system, seedbed system, light shading system, internal circulation system, lighting system, irrigation system, computer control system and so on. Please refer to the supporting equipment for details.

1. Beautiful appearance, high and stable light transmission.
2. Large ventilated areas, good sealing performance and strong drainage capacity.
3. Reasonable structure, easy to install and repair. 
4. It is suitable for flower planting, seedling breeding, flower markets, ecological hotels, scientific research and other purposes.

■ Technical Data

Technical Specification

span 6.4 m、8.0 m、9.6 m、12.0 m
Eaves height 3.0 m~5.0 m
intercolumniation 4.0 m、4.5 m、5.0 m
wind load 0.5 KN/m2
snow load 0.3 KN/m2


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