Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine



The equipment adopts the stainless steel SUS304/2B as raw materials except the standard parts such as motor and bearing, which is entirely in accordance with the requirements of the export of food sanitation. The machine is equipped with bubble generator which makes the materials in the rolling state to remove pesticide residues on the surface of product. At the same time, it can be added into the moderate amount of drugs for disinfection and fixation, the flotage spilling from the overflow tank, and the sediment discharged from the drain outlet, reaching the purpose of cleaning. After the three cleaning methods of bubbling, surfing and spraying, the fruit enters into the brush for the secondary cleaning more thoroughly.

Range Of Application
The equipment is widely used in carrot, apple, orange, and potato, designed for high demand of appearance for materials. It is suitable for the cleaning of vegetable, fruits sea foods and other granular, leaf, and rhizomes products, especially for the cleaning of fruits and vegetables growing in the soil.

Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning Machine Features
1)  High washing cleaness, energy and water saving, and equipment is stable and reliable
2)  The transmission part adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt, smooth and reliable in operation and long service life.
3)Reasonable structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
4)It possesses many national certifications like ISO, FDA and CCC and so on, meeting the requirements of food sanitation.


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