Indo China Promotion Council will participate in HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2014 as visiting group again.

Indo China Promotion Council as a non-profit organization will take part in the 2014 the 12th Guangzhou International hospitality equipment & supplies fair in the China import and export exhibition centre area A during June 26th—28th. HOSFAIR, the fair hosted by Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co, Ltd which has hold fairs for 11years. There are five exhibition halls from1.1to 5.1, they are Kitchen and Catering, Tableware, Hotel Furniture, Interior Supplies, Hotel Textile, Intelligence, Clean and Laundry and Wine, Coffee and Food. Also with 30% increase of exhibitors/visitors/space every year and there will be over 1308 global exhibitors from different area of China, even all over the world.

Many wonderful competitions will showed at the scene such as the Guangzhou International coffee carnival and Guangzhou Cocktail Festival in Hall 3.1.

In order to expand the market of overseas, Guangzhou Huazhan has invited delegation from India which the number of people will larger than ever before. They are professional purchasers, managers, assistant managers and CEOs which are related to hospitality industry. The president of the council, Joyeeta Mazumdar expressed high praise of the organization of the fair. She considers the cooperation as a bridge of connecting and promoting India and China not only in economy development, but also in culture communication. It has become cooperation partner with Guangzhou Huazhan company.

Cooperate with India China Promotion Council means a successful step on enlarging market abroad, and Guangzhou Huazhan company will try their best to put effort on improving the popularity beyond the seas, at the same time, Guangzhou Huazhan company will never stop exploring in the hotel industry, at any times try to contribute to the hotel industry also in the society.


至: Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., ltd.
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