JUKI KE2010 T AXIS motor TS4632N2020E600

we can offer all the JUKI SMT spare parts, such as the motor , board, feeders filter ...
please contact us :fhysmt@hysmt.cn

JUKI KE730 Z Axis Motor L404-151EL8 
JUKI KE730 T Axis Motor L402-021EL0 23W 24V 1.9A
JUKI KE750 X Axis Motor TS4513N1820E200 E9611721000
JUKI KE750 Y Axis Motor TS4514N1827E200 
JUKI KE750 Z Axis Motor P50B03003PXS22 E93077250A0 
JUKI KE750 T Axis Motor P50B03003PXS00 E93067250A0 
JUKI KE2010 X Axis Motor TS4509N2821E200 E9622729000 
JUKI KE2010 Y Axis Motor TS4515N2821E201 E9624729000 
JUKI KE2010 Z Axis Motor TS4633N2020E600 E9629729000 
JUKI KE2010 T Axis Motor TS4632N2020E600 E9630729000 
JUKI KE2050 Y Axis Motor TS4616N1020E200 40000727 
JUKI KE2050 Z Axis Motor TS4633N2026E602 40003253 
JUKI KE2050 T Axis Motor TS4631N2022E600 40003254 
JUKI KE2060 Z Axis Motor TS4603N1320E601 40003255 
JUKI KE2060 RT Axis Motor TS4601N1620E600 40003256 
JUKI FX-1 YA Motor    HC-MFS73 L809E0210A0 
JUKI FX-1 YB Motor     HC-MFS73-12 L808E2210A0 
JUKI FX-1   T Motor      HC-BH0136L-S1 L900E621000 
JUKI KE2070 /2080/FX-3   z Motor HC-BH0336LW-S1/4 40044534


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