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G female Oral Sex Tablets
1. G female sex enhancer for perfect Sexual Life!
2. Provoke female Sexual Desire!
3. Enhance the female hormone secretion!
4. Natural SEX ENHANCER!

Ingredients: American ginseng, macherel, hippocampi,etc.

Features: Pure natural plant Xiaoyao gene elements, refined by the use of nano-technology can inspire the greatest degree of female sexual desire and enhance a sense of climax.

Specification: 2800mg*6 grains/box

Effect: To promote the rapid growth of female hormones to stimulate sexual desire, taking 10 minutes later, pale pink, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, vaginal tightening, vaginal water increased, the rapid expansion of G points, vaginal itching, inner thighs grow numb, make your overflowing passion, the climax folded.

Usage: This product is a 5-box use of cycles, can effectively improve the result of rapid reduction in vaginal discharge caused by vaginal dryness, sexual dysfuntion, such as sexual cool troubled female sexual dysfunction.

Usage and Dosage: Take it with warm water 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Half a grain per three days for daily health.

Duration: 3 years

Storage: keep it in dry and sunshine-proof environment.


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