ENR-FNR generator neutral earthing resistor cabinet

Description: ENR-FNR series neutral resistance cabinet takes electrical equipments such as the single phase transformer, resistor, current transformer, measuring instruments, earthing protection output terminals and all the entirety assembly in one closed mental cabinet. Also this product is optional dis-connectors, surge arresters in one complete set and that will be have high security and reliability, arrange fix up decorate very clearly and easily to be installed, debugger and operated. This cabinet uses single phase dry type isolation transformer with stable performance and strong impact. The material of resistance in transformer secondary side takes the stainless steel. ENR-FNR series generator neutral earthing resistor cabinet add the special arrester to protect the generator neutral insulation. This cabinet also can take the current and action reactor to monitor unbalanced current in the neutral in usually and recorded action times when there have the single earthing fault, it also can provide an analog output for the protection and monitoring systems. ENR-FNR series generator neutral earthing resistor cabinet installed dry type single phase earthing transformer and appropriate over voltage protectors, the single phase isolation switch which in order to isolated power when repair or experimental the equipments. ENR-FNR series generator neutral earthing resistor cabinet is specific to the power plant generator neutral point which use the high resistance earthing complete set equipment. There may happened that the Arc grounding overvoltage and insulation easily damaged as the generator pressure in the weak level when the generator loop occurs the single earthing, the current value is greater than a predetermined value. It will result in generating core burns and sintering if the ground current is too large. Usually the generator neutral point use high resistance earthing to limit the Arc earthing voltage, to reduce the core burns, to produce the sensitivity of the relay protection at the same time. Its action is to limit the voltage between phases in 2.6 times and to limit the arc restrike, to prevent the damaging the main equipments when over voltage in arc gap at the same time, to ensure security when the generator is operating. The features of products 1. This product is made of stainless steel nickel-chromium alloy (Cr20Ni80) or non-metallic (carbon valves, zinc oxide valve) material. With high conductivity, high temperature coefficient, can resistant the temperature more than 1600℃, corrosion resistant, good toughness without distortion, good stability. 2. The earthing transformer in cabinet is the dry type transformer which has the high capacity and impact resistant. 3. Generator Neutral Grounding resistance cabinet is for indoor use. The cabinet body is made of cold rolled steel (spraying) or stainless steel . 4. There has space in the cabinet to add earthing recording device and temperature and humidity control device. The conditions for products 1. Generally for indoor. Please specify when ordering if you want the outdoor type. 2. Altitude no more than 4000m. Please specify the product used in the high altitude plateau when ordering, 3. Environment temperature: -20℃~+70℃, relative humidity less than 95%. 4. Surrounding the environment there is non flammable, non-corrosive gases and conductive dust. 5. Used for 48~52 Hz(50 Hz system),58~62 Hz(60 Hz system)


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