Emilay Breast Enhancer

Product Description:

The international community recognized women’s body the most advanced breast acinar promote cutting-edge theory with the Swiss deep freeze extraction repair, activation, support, modern biotechnology extraction (modern biologic extraction technology), extraction of plant nuclear and the leading gas plant cell dissociation vacuum technology(plant vacuum tissue dissolution technology), will be a variety of rare plant cells and deep cell dissociation of collagen peptides into small molecules of plant, through the breast wall, directly into the breast cells, breast repair aging cell while nutritional supplement breast cells, and the other small molecules rennet can also directly stimulate the ovarian secretion of hormones supplement the body of energy for all plants of the second breast development.



Balance female hormones, breast fullness to firm and restore elasticity, on the small, loose, drooping breast of different sizes have significant effects



Pueraria, Gourd croton,Saw palmetto, fennel, angelica, tyrosine, Evening primrose, The pacific seaweed, Mesopotamia that leaf, ginseng, wort, St.thistle, oats, Donkey-hide gelatin and so on.


No-applicable Persons:

Children, pregnant women, and hypertension, diabetes, heart disease & nephropathy sufferers


Specification:400mg*60 capsules/bottle


Usage: once a day, two capsules each time


Execution Standard: Q/GDCX 413


Storage Method: Sealed in a cool dry place


Attention: the product is not substitute for drug


Shelf Life: 24 months


Manufactured by: American Nature Iraq-fold Heller (International) Inc. 3522E Sante Fe, #254, Olathe, KS 7845-8517 USA


Notice: Lower MOQ, Semi-finished weight loss products and raw material, private label, OEM&ODM service with best price are all available here. As one of the most professional GMP manufacturers in China, we can satisfy all your requirements here.



至: Kunming Global Trade Co., Ltd
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