CNJ-AMS400 Semi-automatic magnetic strip applicator

 The CNJ-A4 Water & Air laminator which is developped by  CNJACKY Company is a highly efficient and intelligent PVC card making laminator.The

temperature is controlled by the digital meter, which automatically carrys on all the processes of heating, keeping a stable temperature , cooling. When the procedure is over, it will sound out a warning.The laminator is cooled by  both air and water.You can add pressure directly through the handle wheel.The machine is marverlous  with a fine-looking appperance,stable perce, simple operation,advanced desgining, reliable quality. High-quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and cooling down well distributed,which avoids the wastes caused by excessive temperature differential because of the slow heating up and cool cast iron elements.

Now it can laminate Non-contact IC & ID cards.


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