Wind turbine slip ring(LPW-02)

We JINPAT Wind turbine slip ring LPW-02 has 3 circuits with 30A per circuit. We also have the wind turbine slip ring called LPC-03P/LPC-0315.




3 circuits models

Electrical data

Compatible with data bus protocols

Sealed units are also available

Control and data transmission

Wiring and max. number of poles 

More technical details

Volume of delivery

Flexible, color-coded, silver-plated, insulated lead wires

Precision  ball  bearings  meet  or  exceed  life  requirements  for  most

commercial application.




Digital signals up to max. 500 kB   

Amperages up to 1200 A and volt- age up to 24 kV

Diameters > 10 m high rotation speed

Extreme operating conditions

Protection class: IP 43


至: 深圳市晶沛电子有限公司
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