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Tomato is now grown and eaten around the world. It is used in diverse ways, including raw in salads, and processed into ketchup or tomato soup.
Unripe green tomatoes can also be breaded and fried, used to make salsa, or pickled. Tomato juice is sold as a drink, and is used in cocktails such as the Bloody Mary.
Tomatoes are acidic, making them especially easy to preserve in home canning whole, in pieces, as tomato sauce or paste. The fruit is also preserved by drying, often in the sun, and sold either in bags or in jars with oil.
Tomatoes are used extensively in Mediterranean cuisine. They are a key ingredient in pizza, and are commonly used in pasta sauces. They are also used in gazpacho (Spanish cuisine) and pa amb tomàquet (Catalan cuisine).
Though it is botanically a berry, a subset of fruit, the tomato is a vegetable for culinary purposes, because of its savory flavor.

Type: fresh cherry tomato
Beautiful shape,sweet and sour taste.
Red colour.
Rich vitamin

Type: pickled cherry tomato
Acid : 0.30-0.40% (acetic acid)
Salt : 1.6-2.0% (NaCl)
Brix : 5.0-6.0%
Spices : dill, celery, carrot, sugar, chlli, garlic 
Packing : as customer requirements

Type: pickled tomato
Salt : 1.5% - 1.7%
Brix : 1.5% - 1.7%
Acid : 0.3% - 0.6%
Jar 720ml : 12jars/cnt, 1800cnts/ cont20’
Net weight : 680gr
Drain weight : 360gr
Jar 540ml : 12jars/cnt,   2300cnts/ cont20’
Net Weight : 510 gr
Drain Weight : 260gr

Type: canned mixed pickled tomato and cucumber  

Salt : 2.0% - 2.5%
Brix : 5% - 6% 
Acid : 0.3% - 0.6% 
Jar 720ml : 12jars/cnt, 1800cnts/cont 20’ 
Net weight : 680gr
Drain weight : 360gr
Jar 540ml : 12jars/cnt,  2300cnts/cont 20’
Net weight : 510 gr
Drain weight : 260gr

Type: peeled tomato in tomato juice   

Salt : 0.8% - 1.2%
Bix : 6% - 7%
Acid : 0.3% - 0.5%
Packing : in jar 720 ml
    1800cnts/ cont20’
Net weight : 680gr
Drain weight : 360gr

Type: tomato paste

Salt :0.8% - 1.0%
Brix : 22 - 24 %, 18 - 20,
  28 - 30%
Acid : 4% - 4.5%
pH   : 4 
Packing : in aseptic bag
    in drums 220kg,  1 x 20ft  80 bins

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