PROFRESH T8 tube(waterproof)

1.      Product feature   1)    Energy-saving : The high power 2835 LED as light source, 80%energy saving than incandescent. 2)    Environmental Protection : does notcontain mercury, lead and hazardous substances, no  environmental pollution, no infrared andultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, its green  lighting products. 3)    Long lifespan : The life of up to 50,000hours or more. 4)    Evel of protection : IP6, c an be used in the environment of water mist, water vapor and water spray. 5)   Using thePC plastic for the lamp body , two-color injection, above the lamp beads arelight-emitting surface , BeamAngle is 120°. 6)    Input voltage 36V, externalpower supply, DC constant current driver,no flicker . Within a safe voltagerange, safe and reliable.


至: 深圳科普达光电
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PROFRESH T8 tube(waterproof)

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