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Hangzhou Dibsys Technologies Co.,Ltd (hereinafter "DIBSYS"), founded in 2009, is located in Hangzhou,China.It is a professional R&D high-tech enterprises, which engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing, selling of various digital television and the new generation broadband network equipment.The customers range from home, hotel, business, government, education and other industries and fields. The company has a highly efficient, professional R&D, production and marketing services team. With the mission that "Let science and technology without hindrance to achieve freer audio-video experience", DIBSYS cultivates comprehensive competitive strength on high quality services, cost effective products, and the complementary advantages, which can help the company to achieve a rapid transition development.
With the constant change of digital technology, digital TV has become the general development trend of global TV industry. DIBSYS adapts to the new audio-video equipment market which can provide all the headend hardware products that almost cover DVB-C/DVB-S/DTMB systems with complete independent intellectual property rights. Constant innovation provides a large range of products such as ENC series, CASTER series, EMI series, IRD series, DCM series, QAM series, Magicbox HD3 series and IPTV solutions, cable headend equipment, broadcast equipment, IPTV systems for hotel. Based on strong technical team and the strength of service, we can meet the customized needs of customers according to the market development, and provide a complete, convenient, open and extensible platform and technical service to customers. The independent R&D technology has been extended to the field of high-definition and monitoring products.



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ENC3010 Single MPEG2 Encoder
Hangzhou Dibsys Technologies Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Dibsys Technologies Co.,Ltd
ENC3010 Single MPEG2 Encoder
Hangzhou Dibsys Technologies Co.,Ltd

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