Single Phase Grid-tie Solar Inverter

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Excellent maximum power control method: Adopt DSP control technology, realize rapid MPPT control method, and make wide solar input voltage range, with superior adaptability
Green energy with full sine current input to grid: Adopt grid tracking technology, make grid power factor above 0.95, and cause no harmonic pollution to grid
DC input over-voltage alarm & protection function: When DC input voltage is higher than over-voltage point or lower than invertible voltage point, the inverter will automatically shut down and protection, output security relay disconnect without absorbing grid power
Automatic load limit function: When equivalent power output feedback to grid exceeds 105% of rated loading, inverter DSP control will automatically limit maximum output loading power to protect the equipment effectively
Islanding protection function: Adopt active islanding protection design to satisfy islanding protection time requirement of on grid power supply
Wide temperature range: Normal operation within range of -25-55℃


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