Solar glass with AR Coating

Solar low iron glass is specially produced to meet the needs of solar energy industry, made of nature low iron, glass, it has the characteristic of low content of iron, strong luminousness and high conversion rate of solar energy.


Figured patternMistlite-C

Transmittance 91.5% or more

Composition of Ironthe ratio of FE should be 0.0125wt% or less

Table 2: Dimension


Product dimension1664x994mm

Size tolerance(+1.0, -1.0)mm


DiagonalsDifference of the diagonals ≤ 0.2% in relation to the longest edge

Total warpage0.3% or less to long edge

partial warpage0.5/300 or less to all 300mm in all edges


至: Hangzhou Yunhao Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd.
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