Single Frequencies Locator VM-810

 Metrotech, one of the original names in Pipe & Cable locating, has been producing the well tried and tested 810 for over forty years. The instrument includes a distance sensitive left/right guidance systemTM (pioneered by Metrotech) to provide accurate easy locating. The 810 are the locators of choice for many Customers around the world. We continue to sell impressive quantities of


Over recent years components for these products have been made obsolete, increased in cost, and are increasingly becoming difficult to find. This presented the challenge of designing a new VM-810 without losing the features and performance that made it successful. We believe we have met the challenge - the new VM-810 combines the classic look with stunning simplicity and performance - if you liked the classic 810’s you will love the new one.

The NEW VM-810 is designed specifically as a single frequency true left/right locator with separated twin response left/right antennas


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