Blue Stars Nozzle DLLA148PN307,

Blue Stars Diesel Power Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2002, with many years experience in diesel fuel injection system spare parts & assemblies. And We enjoy a good reputation internationally


Our company locates in PuTian City, Fujian, South-Eastern of China, a land full of challenges and opportunities!


In addition, customers satisfaction is our pursuit, We sell the products with the high quality at the competitive price. If you have any doubt or any other needs, please contact us. We really hope we can start business from now on.


Below are some of Euro 3 nozzles on hot sale in the market:


Nozzle DLLA146P1296+

0433171811,0 433 171 811

Nozzle DSLA142P1186


Nozzle DSLA142P1519

0 433 175 464,0433175464

Nozzle DLLA148P1067

0433171693,0 433 171 693

Nozzle DLLA150P866


Nozzle DLLA154PN270


Nozzle DLLA150P1197

0 433 171 755,0433171755

Nozzle DSLA142P1501


Nozzle DLLA150P1011/

0 433 171 654,0433171654



For any other parts you interested,kindly please feel free to contact us,we would reply you soon.


Ms Ellin Chen BlueStars Diesel Power Technology Co.,Ltd Add: No.91,Huangshi Industrial Zone,Licheng District,      Putian City,Fujian,China 351144 Tel: 0086-594-2635277 0086-594-2635266 Fax: 0086-594-2635255 Skype: ellin2012



Diesel Power: VE pump,Nozzle,plunger,Rotor Head, Delevery Vavle,Injector/others etc.


至: BlueStars Diesel Power Technology Co.,Ltd
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