best laser hair remova Elight+IPL+RF VM6

1. Remove unwanted hair
2.Slimming& Body Shaping
4. Remove Wrinkles
5. Remove speckles and other pigment problems
6. Skin rejuvenation, pore minimizing
1. Elight,RF,IPL,3 technology in 1, newest, fast, most safety!
2. Wavelength ending at 950nm,Prevent skin moisture loss,burning risk. improve therapeutic effect,shorten treatment course.
3. Monopolar RF, Biopolar RF, Tripolar RF and Multipolar RF are integrated in one machine.
4. Multilingual arbitrary languages on softwaer
5. USA Fast plug, more safety
6. Perfect cooling system: 24 hours continuous work
7. High power handle, Change filter handle, more chosen
8. TUV ISO13485, CE approved


至: Beijing VCA Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
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