Metal Capseals

2’’&3/4’’ drum cap seals(70mm and 35mm) for 200L oil drums
Material: Tinplate
Feature: Water proof
Color: White or printed with one color ,two color or more.
Thickness: 0.23mm,0.25mm,0.30mm,0.32mm,0.35mm
Catagory of cap seals:
1. Plain Cap Seal: 2’’,3/4’’,1’’,3’’,4’’,7’’,72mm,75mm,80mm,85mm
2. Printed Cap Seal: 2’’,3/4’’,1’’,3’’,4’’,7’’,72mm,75mm,80mm,85mm
Packaging and Delivery:
Carton box, 10days
We have so many kinds of capseals like Mobil Shell Esso and etc Pls contact us freely


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