Lacquered Closures

2’’ and 3/4’’ steel drum closures coated with epoxy phenolic lacquer
Material: Steel
Usage: Paint
Type: Drum closures
Painting: Dupont painting R43373 brown, meet with FDA
Factory ISO9001 approved
2’’and 3/4’’ drum closures coated with epoxy phenolic lacquer
Dupont painting R43373 brown, PPG and Etc.
2’’ and 3/4’’drum flanges and plugs with PVF varnish
Material: Steel
Usage: Paint
Painting Color: Green PVF
Gasket: we could provide BUNA ,EPDM or PE
Package: Carton Boxes The boxes will be arranged in wooden pallets,
stretched with plastic film and tied.        
Delivery: 10days
2’’and 3/4’’ drum closures coated with epoxy phenolic lacquer
With  PVF varnish


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