Digital concrete test hammer HT-225W+

Specification:test range: 10~60Mpaimpact energy: 2.207Jspring rigidity: 785N/mimpact stroke: 75mmdifference from scale: <= 0.5calibration value: 80+/-2color LCD with 5 level backlightstorage: 300*100*16 test pointsin plant with uniform curve, at most 20 special curvepower source: 3.6V/1300mAH lithium batterybattery charger: 5V/2Alast work more than 13 hours without voice serviceUSB type connection with PCweight: 1.1kgHT225-V is the first integrated digital test hammer made by China, we are proud that we invented it and have the patent. Compare to other similar products in the market, this new type test hammer with perfect quality and convenient operation. Till now, it is the appointed test hammer by many test organizations and government offices. Integrated structure, voice service, color LCD, rechargeable lithium battery, reflect type sensor, in situ test dave print.every element much convenience user.


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Digital concrete test hammer HT-225W+
Digital concrete test hammer HT-225W+
mortar test hammer
mortar test hammer
回弹仪 测强范围:10-60Mpa 标称冲击动能:2.207J(0.225Kgf.m) 弹击锤冲程:75mm 指针滑块的静摩擦力:0.5N±0.8N 弹击杆球面曲率半径SR:25mm±1mm 回弹仪在钢砧上率定平均回弹值Rm:80±2 外形尺寸:Φ54...
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Digital concrete test hammer HT-225W+

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