DHL Series Of Corner-tube Coal -fired Single Drum Grate Chain Hot Water Boiler

There are two models of Bulk corner tube Hot Water Boiler, DHL and SHL. DHL series bulk boiler is the single-cylinder, horizontal, water-tube bulk boiler. And SHL series bulk boiler is
double-cylinder, horizontal, water-tube bulk boiler. Boiler consists of upper cylinder, water screen, convection tube bank, steel-pipe coal economizer, tubular air pre-heater and other parts. Water screen constructs the hearth at the front section of boiler. Front and rear water screens
form the front and rear water-cooled vaults. There is convection tube bank in the horizontal flue pipe. Steel-pipe coal economizer and tubular air pre-heater are laid at the tail of boiler. Combustion unit adopts the scaled coal-leakage prevention grate. Ventilation mechanism in distribution chambers could be adjusted sensitively. Grate is driven by stepless variable gearbox. Boiler is delivered in bulk and assembled on site.


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