2 phase matched driver for stepper motor SH20822M

SH20822M Stepping Motor Driver I、Summarize Based on the original stepping motor driver, we developed the 20822M type stepping motor driver. This driver owns many advantages such as lower noise, higher efficiency, lower temperature rise, convenient settings, nicer running characteristic and so on.。 II、The using and instruction of the motor driver. Input power wiring point: Single external power supply: AC110V-220V or DC 150V-300V 3A. Warning: The value of the power supply shouldn’t be over this range. For two-phase four-wire motor: Phase A+ A- B+ B- Wire Red Green Yellow Blue For four-phase six-wire motor: Phase A+ A- NC B+ B- Wire Red Green White Black Yellow Blue For four-phase eight-wire motor, there are two modes i. Parallel-wound Phase A+ A- B+ B- Wire Red Blue Yellow Black White Brown Green Orange ii. Series-wound Phase A+ A- Nc1 B+ B- Nc2 Wire Red Black Yellow Blue White Green Brown Orange Warning:Motor’s wires mustn’t be connected wrongly, Otherwise, the driver will be mangled. Input signals The inner interface circuits of the CF20611D are segregated by optically coupled isolators. There are three connecting mode between the controller and the driver. i. Differential ⅱ.Common-anode DIR:Input port of the direction signal. High/low level controls the CW/CCW of motor. The changing edge of the signal must be at least 2.5us later or earlier than the falling edge of CP; FREE: Free signal (active low). when this input end is low level,there will be no holding torque of the motor. CP:Pulse signal input. active by the falling edge,the highest response frequency can be 200kHz,low level pulse width should be not less than 2.5us。 Warning:Input signal must have enough current, (Currently, TTL, COMS signal are not drive firsthand). Otherwise, System can not run normally. * phase current and subdivision number setting: Shift switch is adopted to set phase current and subdivision number in SH20611D driver. There-into, Switch 5 is half phase-current (ON means full current, OFF means half), switch 6 is the setting of single or double pulse (ON show single pulse CP, DIR; OFF show double pulse CW,CCW). See Table2,Table3.After the subdivision of driver is set, the step angle in motor is equal to whole step angle divided by subdivision number. For example:if subdivision number is set to 18 and the motor is 2-phase,its subdivision step angle is 1.8°/18=0.1°。 Warning:shift switch ON=0,OFF=1


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