Name: Subtilisin EINECS: 232-752-2 Molecular Formula: Unspecified CAS Registry Number: 9014-01-1 Synonyms: ALK-enzyme; Alcalase; Alcalase 2.0M; Alcalase 2.4L; Alcalase 2.5L; Alcalase 2.5L-DX; Alkalase AF 2.4; BLAP S; Bacillopeptidase B; Bacillus subtilisalk. proteinase; Bacillus subtilisalkaline proteinase; Bioprase; Bioprase AL 15; Bioprase Conc; Bioprase PN 4; Bioprase SP 10; Bioprase SP 20; Bioprotease B10L; ChiroCLEC CRO; Colistinase; E.C.; E.C.; Esperase 6.0T; Esperase 8.0; Evertase 24 LDP; Genenase; KAP protease; Kazusase; Maxacal CX600K; Maxatase; Nagarse; Nicotianalisin; Novozym FM; Orientase 10B; Ovozyme 24T; Peptidase, subtilo-, A; Profezym; Prolyve 1000; Properase 1000E; Protease N AmanoG; Protease VIII; Savinase TM; Serine alkaline protease; Chemical Properties Molecular Weight: 0 Storage Temperature: 2-8°C


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