English Name: Geraniol
Alias: geraniol, fragrant geranium alcohol, Lemonol [chemical name 2,6-Octadien-1-ol, 3,7-dimethyl-(E) - [Formula] C10H18O;
Molecular Weight: 154.24
CAS NO.: 106-24-1 [1] [EINECS] 203-377-1 edit this paragraph nature
Chemical classification: acyclic monoterpene. Volatile components.
Physical nature :colorless to yellow oily liquid.
The boiling point of 229 to 230 ° C (100.925kPa), 114 to 115 ℃ (1.60kPa). Density 0.8894g/cm3.
The refractive index of 1.4766. Has a mild, sweet breath of roses, taste have perlingual to. Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, propylene glycol, mineral oil and animal oil, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in glycerin.
Usage: widely used in scent-daily flavor, can be used to flavor food flavor of apples, strawberries and other fruit flavor, cinnamon, ginger, and can also be made of Ester.
Pharmacological effects. Antibacterial: anti-bacterial and fungal activity, minimum inhibitory concentration, hair and whiskers the dermatophytes and Audubon Angle small spores 0.39mg/ml. 2. Insecticide: to drive the guinea pig roundworm


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