Camptothecin CAS: 7689-03-4
English name: Camptothecin
Chemical name: 1H-Pyrano [34:6,7] indolizino [1,2-6] puinoline-3, 14 (4H, 12H-)-dione,4-ethy1-4-hydroxy-(s) -
Formula: C20H16N2O4
CAS: 7689-03-4
Molecular Weight: 348.34 source: of Davidia involucrata Branch plant C. acuminata of Camptotheca acuminata Decne's, fruit, leaves.
Camptothecin anticancer drugs is a plant
from the South, Southwest Camptotheca acuminata extracted distribution. 1976
the Chinese chemists Yisheng synthesis of racemic camptothecin success. Camptothecin better term efficacy of gastrointestinal and head and neck cancer, but the small number of patients the side effects of blood in the urine. 10 - the anticancer activity Hydroxycamptothecin exceeds camptothecin, have a significant effect on liver cancer and head and neck cancer, and fewer side effects.
Physical and Chemical Properties: pale yellow needles (methanol - acetonitrile), decomposition point: 264 ° C to 267 Celsius degrees , [α] 25D +31.3. (Chloroform - methanol). Strong blue fluorescence under ultraviolet, and the acid can not generate a stable salt. Pharmacological effects: anti-tumor, immunosuppressive, anti-viral, anti-pregnancy, change skin epidermal keratinization process. Camptothecin
Clinical applications: for malignancy, psoriasis, warts, acute and chronic leukemia and schistosomiasis caused hepatosplenomegaly, etc..
Specifications: camptothecin content (HPLC) ≥ 92%, ≥ 95%, ≥ 99%
Standard: Enterprise Standard
Packing: 1kg / listen (aluminum cans: ф15cm x h22cm); 5kg / listen (aluminum listen: ф28cm × h25cm) storage : closed, shading and moisture.
Duration: three years


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