38 Fule Vasculitis Plaster

The therapeutic treatment combines blood ,vessel and valve together
The shortcoming of traditional treatments are poor drug efficacy and the therapy can not always find the key source of the problem needing treatment. The differences between traditional treatment and the 38Fule Vasculitis Plaster are as follows:
1、38Fule Vasculitis Plaster can rehabilitate the venous vulva
As we know that Varicose veins can not be cured when the venous valve fuction is not rehabilitated. Although,traditional treatments can improve blood circulation and clear clots,the safflower quinone of the plaster can improve the activity of vascular endothelial cells, accelerate rebirth and rehabilitation, improve venous valve inadequacy, interdict the venous blood back flow and rehabilitate varicosity.
2、The combined treatment for blood, vessel and valve. It’s proven that a normal metabolic system can not form when a treatment can not cure the disease in the blood,vessel and valve simultaneously. The drug of the 38Fule Vasculitis Plaster can cure varicosity and vasculitis from all directions which can systematically treat and prevent the reoccurrences.


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