Tungsten Machining Components

RMD can supplies all kinds of Tungsten crucibles and other Tungsten machining components (including heaters, heat insulation screens, sheets and supports, etc.) used in the process of sapphire growth and rare-earth melting and we can manufacture the products according to customers’ drawings and specific requirements. http://www.rmd1994.com


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gold plated tungsten bar Tungsten Bar
gold plated tungsten bar Tungsten Bar Tungsten bar/rod widely used forFor producing tungsten wires,tungsten heater,twisted tungsten wire,negative electrodes,grids,lead side rods wires,s...
Thoriated Tungsten Wires
Thoriated Tungsten Wires WTH7 can be used for making electron tube, the hook of emitting tube, spring, high temperature electrode and negative electrode of light air discha...
Nickel Machining
Nickel Machining RMD Nickel Machining include Nickel boat(box),Nickel crucible and other Supplied in according to your requirement http://www.rmd1994.com
Lanthanated Electrodes
Lanthanated Electrodes Tungsten Lanthanated electrodes has a good property and conductivity reaches WT20 electrode,it can be used under alternation current and works well...
Pure Tungsten Electrodes Pure tungsten electrode is suitable for welding mangnesium,aluminium and their alloy and stainless steel under alternating current. http://www.rmd1...

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