Expoxy Fiberglass FR4 Gaskets

Product Description
Expoxy Fiberglass FR4 Gaskets
Thickness Range
Insulation,Fire Retartant
Industry for use
Auto Industry
Die-cutting Capabilities
LaminationCutting Stamping Die-cutting Assembly
Tighest Tolerance
+/- 0.1mm +/- 0.15mm ISO Tolerance Standard
Tape Application
Available,one side or both sides
Typical Tape
3M 467MP, 3M 9448, 3M 9495LE, Nitto, Tesa, Sony
Over 5 million
Turn Around Time
Mold Building: 1-2 Days Sample Lead Time: 3-5 Days Mass Production Lead time: 8-12 Days


至: Dongguan Leader Optronics Technology Co.,Ltd
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