Air Freight

We realized the signification of customs clearance in getting wh your cargo from China to their destination. When shipping the shipments across international another borders, we aim to reduce risks by carefully managing the smooth delivery of cargo from country to country. As the customs Broker with years of logistics experience. Our professional customer team with capability and a clear understanding of the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels.
Our clearance team has been trained to handle most of problems in customs clearance with great experience and reliabity. They will fill up all shipping invoices carefully and properly, handle all declarations and file them meticulously for smooth transportation, manage all the smaller nuances of import / export clearance and also make sure that the certificates of point of origin and destination are duly complete for a streamlined process that saves our clients both time and money.
Details as following:
import & Export Documentation & Customs Clearance
Customs bonds
Quick response to processing customs clearance
Duty and tax calculation
Customs clearance at all main port in china
Notification of changes in duty and tax information worldwide
Lower clearance fees and Comprehensive services


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Air Freight
Air Freight
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Air Freight
Air Freight

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